Trap and SEE River are two EU projects dealing with rivers. Another common point is the Soča Valley Development Centre (PRC), who is a partner in both projects. Dealing with the Soča River on the local level both projects are already in strong cohesion and PRC combines the outputs and knowledge from both to achieve better results. That is why the idea of the cooperation of the two projects on international level was not difficult to adopt. Even if the main goals of Trap and SEE River are different; they are strongly overlapping and have similar content in very important segment – engagements of stakeholders. Basic idea of cooperation is to share good practices and learn from each other on different approaches to stakeholders, how to involve them and how to attract them into building different river stories.

The first step was already made in Exeter. The Institute for Waters of Republic of Slovenia as the SEE River lead partner made a presentation of the project. The main project ideas were presented to the Trap partners and to the invited public with special focus on the bottom-up approach to river corridor management. The cooperation of both projects will continue over the course of both projects and Trap has been invited to present their good practices and results at some of the next SEE River conference.

As many projects in the EU share common interests, this type of collaboration is setting an example to follow more often in the future EU projects. It is a good way to share knowledge, to learn more and finally to achieve better results – locally and internationally!