About 40 stakeholders from Soca valley met on the occasion of Soca river day in Solkan, Slovenia. The main focus of the meeting was a presentation of the further steps towards establishment of a foundation as a transfer of the River trust approach. Miro Kristan paved the way towards discussion with his presentation of the model on behalf of the Soca valley development centre. Representative of the Ministry of the environment and agriculture dr. Mitja Bricelj welcomed and supported the idea. Especially transboundary character that Soca has is a key element towards better management of the river corridor. Fishermen, sport agencies, hydropower company and many others are all living and working within the same river framework and building of a common river vision is one of the challenges for the next year. Ambitious or not, the transfer of the good practice will take some more time and stakeholders will have high expectations for the following River Soca day in 2014.