The South West Regional Authority held a meeting of its stakeholders for the TRAP in the South West Region to brief them further on the TRAP project, and the outcomes from a consultation meeting that was held in October 2012 with all the Irish TRAP partners and their stakeholders.

The South West stakeholders were also briefed on the Action Plan for integrated catchment management that the SWRA hopes to develop using a section of the River Blackwater just north of Mallow.

We also had a very interesting presentation from IRD Duhallow on the Life+ project that is currently running in the Allow River, which is a tributary to the Blackwater. We will put the presentation up as a download in the coming days. In the meantime if you would like more information on the IRD Duhallow project you can find them online here

We look forward to working with our stakeholders and also the staff in IRD Duhallow to achieving our goals for the TRAP project. Many thanks to those who took the time to attend on Wednesday.